Introduction to Menu Pricing

Walton Plumbing is always looking for a better way to serve our customers and we have found yet another one. This time we will be changing the way we charge for our plumbing and heating services. The old way was called T&M or better known as time and material. 

We have enountered many problems with time and material billing along with our customers. Should I reminisce on a few? OK, here it is. Charging you for our technicians leaving your job to chase down a part, or the technician just didn't move as fast as you thought he should, or why should you have to pay for the helper in the truck when this wasn't a two-man job? How about the technician was on the phone more than he was working on my problem, or why should I have to pay for on the job training? I think we all get the picture, and I'm sure we all agree that there has to be a better way. 

There is! Walton Plumbing uses menu pricing. What is menu pricing? Sometimes called flat rate pricing, menu pricing is charging a fixed price for a job instead of pricing the job based on time and material. It lets our customers know the price up front, before we do the work. The flat rate price concept is not new. In fact, it has been adopted by almost every industry. An example is the autmotive repair business. Mechanics look up the amount of time and parts required in a flat rate job, and so do we. Menu pricing enables you to know what you are getting and what you are paying. This way, everyone who has had the same repair job will get the same price. 

The pricing system is ready to go, our technicians have been trained, and we are ready to serve you. You will not have to pay any additional money if the job takes longer than we planned or if we had to use additional parts that were not figured in the price quote. Rest assured that our price quote is the lowest available. The next time you need us, we hope you'll agree that our new system put you in charge of your wallet. So the next time you need us, please remember that, "We charge by the job, not the hour."